Do you want to walk into your labor & birth feeling calm, cool, & totally in control?

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Why this birth class? 


This comprehensive birth course is about learning to trust your body and your instincts. I will teach you exactly what it takes to navigate the labor and delivery process with confidence because we know the difference between a birth story that you write and one that’s out of your hands is.. education.

Our entire community and 17 years of experience will be with you every single step of the way.


What will I learn?


  • It will give you the information you need, quickly, to boost your confidence and make the best choices when it comes to your body, your birth story, and your baby!


  • My material empowers you and prepares you for any choice you make — home birth, hospital birth, medicated, non-medicated.


  • It walks you through step by step exactly what to expect, how to make decisions, and how to change your plans when presented with new information.



"Hey Trish,

I somehow found you early on in my pregnancy, and you have been with me through the whole journey.

From tips to relieve morning sickness in first trimester and reassuring me that baby was still getting enough nutrients even though I could barely eat, to creating my birth plan, gaining critical knowledge about labor, reducing my fears of tearing, to third trimester anxiousness.

All the education you helped to provide empowered me to pow exactly the birth I wanted to have. I had a bit of anxiety as I was a FTM, going past 40 weeks. But I knew I could go over since I had a healthy pregnancy. I knew I could hold off being induced and I knew I could say no.

I labored at home using all the breathing techniques and repeating to myself that I can do anything for a minute. 3 hours later, we headed to the hospital because I couldn’t handle the pain any longer.

After vitals, when I was checked, I was 6 cm!!! Got epidural, and knew to ask for the peanut ball. An hour later, I was at 10 and ready to go.

As they prepared me for pushing, I was empowered to speak up and explain what I wanted to try and what was comfortable to me. An hour and a half later, I was holding my world in my hands! My beautiful baby boy.

Thank you for everything you do, you truly held my hand and spoke to me, and helped me enjoy pregnancy, labor, and delivery!"

You don’t have to do this completely alone, mama.

You can educate yourself before you step foot in the birth setting and be ready to rock this labor like the strong mama you are, with the help of a private support community and a labor and delivery nurse with 17 years of experience!

I want to Gain the confidence to trust my body, and put all my fears to rest.

About your Virtual Birth Coach/Labor Nurse

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Who is Trish?

I'm a specialized, high-risk labor and delivery nurse who is a mom of 7. I've delivered babies at some of the top medical facilities in the US. But my true passion is teaching and empowering women to write the birth story of their dreams.

Which is why I educate tens of thousands of women every day on Instagram as .

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