I want to feel prepared for my cesarean

Put your fears about cesarean to rest.

Get the facts about c-sections and learn how to have the smoothest recovery possible. 

Feeling prepared for your c-section is your right.

And that quick instructional pep talk from your medical provider followed by the poorly photocopied discharge sheet just ain’t gonna cut it.

You’re having surgery.

Major abdominal surgery.

Where a surgeon will make an incision through several layers of tissue to get to your uterus. 

It’s no joke, mama.

And then, when you get home — you’ll be recovering from surgery while caring for an infant.

Not exactly ideal...

But there are so many ways to make the cesarean process and recovery from it go smoother. 

There’s no doubt that preparation in this kind of scenario is imperative.

Getting all of the details handled before you arrive at the hospital will make recovery easier, sure. But more than that, it will help ease your mind and calm your fears.

Which is critical for you and your baby.

After all, this is still your birth story.

If you were hoping for a vaginal delivery, and this cesarean comes as a bit of a disappointment, that’s OK! 

You’re allowed to grieve for the birth story you wanted while still having an empowered birth experience.

And if you’re scheduling your c-section, that’s OK too!

You’re definitely in the right place.

I’m here to teach you the details that the hospital will not cover with you.

I’m going to make sure you have every single drop of knowledge that you possibly can before you go to the OR.

And I’m going to make sure you know what to *really* expect, in detail, from the recovery process.

I’m also going to share with you:

  • Options for medications (yes, you do have a choice!) so you won't be so groggy after the procedure
  • Details about the flow of the surgery preparation
  • How to help heal your body after surgery
  • How to assess the signs of labor like a labor and delivery nurse
  • The important choices you can make for your baby right after they’re born
  • Ways to prepare your home, body, and mind for the c-section 

Plus, a whole lot of details that your provider is sure to gloss over, miss, or omit completely from their pre-c-section briefing process. 

Inside this Comprehensive Cesarean Course, I'm going to teach you how to have an empowered, positive c-section...all at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home.

Because mama, having a c-section is a beautiful birth. 

You are not a 'failure' and your birth story is not a consolation prize. 

Yes! This is the empowered c-section I want!

Hey, I'm Trish, labor nurse and mom of 7.

I've been a high-risk labor and delivery nurse for over 15 years.

I've helped thousands of babies come into this world...and given birth 6 times!

Over the years I've watched so many mamas crippled by the fear of having a c-section when they weren't really prepared. 

And let's face it, learning that you're going to have a major abdominal surgery is *kind of* a big deal.

No mama should have to feel underprepared before being wheeled into the OR...but the education at the hospital leaves more than a little to be desired.

Which is why I've put together this massive class. To give you that "I've studied for this and feel prepared, down to the last detail,  for no matter what comes my way" feeling. 

You can do this mama!

Always in your corner,



You need to physically and mentally prepare for a C-section the same way you would for a vaginal delivery.


Your body will certainly endure stress on the operating table - getting prepared beforehand will make a huge difference in your recovery

I felt so knowledgeable, strong, and I really had a voice thanks to your course.


The c-section was tough for me, but I tried everything in my birth plan, and have no regrets!

Thankful for your support and course! I can't thank you enough.

I labored for 40 hours before I had a c-section. I had my birth plan, talked about induction techniques, and I felt amazing for the 40 hours. 

I wish you were my nurse advocating for me in there. I appreciate you and your course.

Baby girl is here! Thank you, I felt/feel so proud!!

I’m really sore and exhausted but so I’m so in love with her!

I really do appreciate you and your course. Despite how it ended, your course really calmed my nerves and had me feeling confident and in charge leading up to my labor. 

~ Anjelica


1 out of every 3 mamas will end up with a c-section

Will you be ready?

There's no doubt most women are more than a little scared of being wheeled into the operating room for a cesarean. 

But once you understand:

  • How to prepare your home for an easier recovery 
  • What supplies you'll need so things go smoothly
  • What to eat *before* surgery so recovery can unfold easier
  • The best supplements to take before and after your procedure
  • What to pack in your hospital bag
  • Your rights as a patient and as a mama

The fear starts to melt away and confidence starts to build.

Understanding exactly what to expect from major abdominal surgery is important.

Feeling prepared to navigate the recovery process while caring for an infant is necessary.


I want to have the best c-section experience possible

No matter how your baby arrives, birth is beautiful.

Which is what my student, Stephanie found out when her baby was breech and just wouldn’t turn.

Here’s her story:

Thank you for the very practical information and strong focus on mindset. I believe it had every influence on my birth and I will recommend your course to my friends and family. 

A c-section was the most unplanned/unexpected/unwanted birth story ever in my book! I didn't do ANY research on C-sections because I never considered that I would have one. Why would I? I'm young and have never had health concerns or even a family history of health concerns. 

I tried everything and baby wouldn’t flip. 

I went through a period of frustration mainly due to my fears of this scary, invasive, medical procedure. I reached out to other people that had C-sections and got some information. Some encouraging. A lot discouraging. 

But after researching, it became a desired method of birth for me! I liked that I knew when it would happen and what was going to happen. It took a load off of me knowing that there was nothing I could physically do to get this babe into the world and it was all in the surgeons and God's hands.  

I was able to have my arms free for the whole procedure and the anesthesiologist stayed by my head and told me everything they were doing. A nurse even took pictures for us! 

Within 15 minutes, they lifted the baby up so I could see and my husband announced, "It's a girl!!!" I was in such disbelief that I was looking at my baby! My beautiful, little, bright-eyed girl!! I was ecstatic and couldn't help but cry the happiest of tears!!! They took her over to weigh her and wrap her up but all where I could see and my husband was right there with her while they closed me up. My husband then brought her over to me and time stood still while I looked at him and her and felt like my heart could explode with joy. It felt like just a few minutes that they finished and put me onto the bed and her on my chest to transfer me to my room.

- Stephanie 

Learn everything you need to know for the best c-section experience possible.


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Preparing now means a smoother and faster recovery later. 

Thanks to your training, Trish...

I never felt scared or out of control, because you gave me confidence in my body.

I think that information and confidence were key.

My baby boy was born........ measuring 51cm and 7.3 pounds.


Thanks  again, you are part of my success and I am forever thankful"

- Andrea R.

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