Learn from a Labor + delivery nurse!

Your Childbirth Master Plan: 

How to Understand Labor Induction and Face Birth with Confidence


In this Masterclass, you'll learn:


The ins and outs of Medical Labor Induction

Skip this part, and your birth dreams will be over before they start. We'll talk about easy ways to set your mind when it comes to choosing whether being induced is necessary or wanted.


How to help your body out and master a DIY induction plan

Let's talk about all things home labor induction. You've got questions & I've got answers. Think teas....Potions and Nipples. 


The Hospital induction and how to cope through one.

Understanding how labor induction works and what to *really* expect before you get admitted makes all the difference in the world! We'll talk about ways to minimize your fears and to own your birth, even if you need to be induced.

"And I did it, Trish!! 😭😍 I had the birth of my dreams & a successful VBAC with our rainbow baby girl after losing our first to Anencephaly. Labored for about 10 hours and only pushed for 20 minutes! Started with low & slow pitocin and got an epidural at 5cm. The peanut ball you suggested helped so much & I was at 9.5cm within a couple of hours! Im so grateful for you & all your support through this VBAC. I freaking did it 😭❤️"


If induction is being offered to you, but the process is feeling *kinda* overwhelming...

You aren't sure if you agree with your provider about being induced... wouldn't it be amazing to have facts and statistics to back up your decision - so you can confidently defend yourself whichever way you choose?

Wouldn't it be a relief to understand when and why induction is necesary?

I'll go over all of this and more in this masterclass - so by the time baby comes, you'll be sashaying into labor + delivery with a hair flip and a smile, knowing YOU'VE GOT THIS.


Your Birth Master Plan

  • Figure out if you should agree to an induction
  • Learn your rights so you don't get bullied into interventions you don't want
  • Know the FACTS about Induction - so you can boldly defend your choice
  • Get your mindset on point - so you can plan your birth
  • Learn how to labor like a pro *before* you go into labor
  • Know what to expect so you can feel strong and confident every step of the way

A Note From Your Instructor...

Hey Mama, 

I am so happy to meet you. I am a Labor & Delivery RN and a mama of 7!

Pregnancy and childbirth is my passion. It is my mission to empower women through education and an understanding of their rights in childbirth. 

I am the instructor inside The VBAC Lab and a co-instructor inside Loving Your Labor Academy. 

I am also known as Labor Nurse Mama on Instagram, where I educate & empower on a daily basis. 

-Trish, RN

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