Walk into labor and delivery feeling cool, calm, and totally in control.

Gain the confidence to trust your body, and put all your fears to rest.

Wondering what to really expect during labor and delivery?

Because even though you’ve read all the books and watched a mountain of YouTube videos, you STILL don’t feel prepared.

If you’re really being honest, most of the time, thinking about the big day makes you more scared than excited.

Your brain starts whirling around like an off-balance Chihuahua, worst-case scenarios popping up every time you lay your head down to sleep. 

You’re thinking thoughts like:

  • What if I tear?
  • What if I can’t take the pain?
  • What if I poop on the delivery table?
  • What if I don’t get to the hospital on time?
  • What the heck is a birth plan and do I need one?
  • Do epidurals even work and why is that needle so big and terrifying? 
  • What if my contractions last for 8 days and I’m stuck in the hospital, roaming around in that awful gown with nothing but a sad paper cup of ice chips for company?
  • What if I want to have a natural childbirth and the staff starts pressuring me into pain meds or worse — a c-section?
  • And the final, crushing fear that takes over in the wee small hours of the morning: What if I can’t take care of a tiny human?

It’s overwhelming.

And your partner?

They aren’t much help. 

Peppering you with their own insecurities and questions about diapers, bottles, breastfeeding, pumping, and swaddles.

It’s enough to make any woman anxious and scared. 

But you don’t have to do this completely alone, mama.

Times may have changed — and you can’t bring your mom, sister, best friend, or doula into the delivery room with you…

But you can educate yourself before you step foot in the hospital and be ready to rock this labor like the strong mama you are, with the help of 2 labor and delivery nurses with 17 combined years of experience between us.

Hi, we’re Trish and Heather, the dynamic duo behind Mama Empowered Academy

We teamed up because we were so sick and tired of seeing women at the hospital being pressured into medical interventions they really didn’t need throughout the labor and delivery process.

As labor nurses for a combined 17 years, we’ve delivered thousands of babies.

And after being a part of so many magical moments, there are a couple of things we know for sure: 

  • Educated mamas have much better outcomes, physically and mentally
  • No one at the hospital is going to walk you through the labor and delivery process (staff is way too busy and education during labor just isn’t profitable for the hospital)

The problem is, quality education that’s focused on empowering pregnant women is extremely hard to come by.

Classes at the hospital are focused on two things — getting your labor to move along quickly and getting you out the door. (And with COVID protocols in place, these classes aren’t even an option anymore)

Books can only take you so far. 

And there’s a metric ton of misinformation on the internet...shocking, right?

So we piled all of our expertise into a complete birth course called Loving Your Labor — so you can access 17 years of labor and delivery experience from the couch in your comfy pants…

And head into your labor and delivery feeling strong, confident, and prepared.  

Get Ready to Love Your Labor

Introducing the only birth course of its kind that will educate + empower you to make informed decisions about your body and your baby — so you can walk into the labor room feeling strong and confident instead of anxious and nervous.

Real talk ——> Have you spent much time in a hospital? Or in a labor and delivery ward?

Most women haven’t. 

So when they go to deliver their baby, they are surprised when the nurses at the hospital don’t walk them through what’s going on.

They are even more surprised when their doc only shows up for the last few minutes of the whole labor process.

The bottom line is: if you don’t educate yourself before you go into labor, you’ll be left feeling like you’ve been thrust into the starring role in a play — where you’re the only actor who doesn’t know their lines. 

Which is why in Loving Your Labor we teach you how to “triage” yourself.

We show you, in great detail, exactly what’s going to happen from the minute you first start to feel a twinge of an is-it-or-isn’t-it contraction (and how to tell the difference between false labor and the real thing). 

We break down how decisions are made by the medical staff - so you can assess your own situation. 

We explain to you when you should go home (or stay home even when every bone in your body is afraid you’re not going to get to the hospital in time and give birth in a broken down car on the side of the road). 

And we walk through every warning sign of common pregnancy complications like:

+ Pre-eclampsia

+ Vaginal bleeding

+ Gestational diabetes

+ Decreased fetal movement

So you are prepared and know what needs to be taken seriously (and what's just indigestion)

We also help you to understand the dangers and benefits of the common interventions that the hospital will likely try to push on you to speed the process along...and how to make empowered decisions about them for yourself.

After you’ve taken Loving Your Labor, you’ll be completely confident in your body’s ability to deliver a baby, and you will be able to say with certainty WHY you’d rather or rather not:

  • Have your water broken
  • Have Pitocin administered and how much, when
  • Have your baby’s umbilical cord cut immediately

Plus, inside of our Facebook community, you’ll have access to a community of the most supportive and kind mamas on the planet.

>> Freaking out and wondering if what’s going on with your pregnancy is normal?

Pop into the Facebook group with your question and be showered with advice, support, and direction from Trish + Heather — and the hundreds of other mamas who’ve been there, done that, and can’t wait to calm your fears.

>> In the labor room and feeling overwhelmed, afraid you’re about to make the wrong choice?

Instantly reach out to thousands of women and your virtual doulas Heather and Trish with a quick post and receive a huge hug and reassurance. 


Loving Your Labor is like nothing else on the market

  • It will give you the information you need, quickly, to boost your confidence and make the best choices when it comes to your body, your birth story, and your baby
  • We’re not affiliated with your hospital or any other brand, so our instruction is unbiased and unabashedly in YOUR favor. We want you to do what’s right for you — not what makes the hospital the most money 
  • Our material empowers you and prepares you for any choice you make — home birth, hospital birth, medicated, non-medicated. We want you to understand how to make choices — not have them made for you 
  • We have an unbelievable community of mamas ready to support you and answer any questions you’ve got — nothing’s too big or too small to ask, seriously
  • It’s filled with expert knowledge from careers spanning 17 years in the labor and delivery room and hands-on experience assisting with thousands of births. 
  • It’s completely self-paced, so you can study from anywhere, at any time. No need to travel or expose yourself and your baby to germs unnecessarily
  • Your partner can learn alongside you — or at their own pace. No schedule coordination or classes after a long day of work
  • It walks you through step by step exactly what to expect, how to make decisions, and how to change your plans when presented with new information. No one-size-fits-all advice here 
  • It will completely erase your fears and anxiety, replacing them with confidence and clarity
  • We prepare you to try to avoid a bunch of unnecessary medical interventions once at the hospital, but also set you up for success if you end up with a c-section
  • We make things easy to understand and fun! 

Women who take a birth class are at least 25% more likely to have a vaginal delivery (and not just first-time moms, either)

Which is exactly what you want to be aiming for…

Vaginal deliveries: 

  • Are easier to recover from
  • Mean shorter hospital stays
  • Lead to less chance of infection
  • Are way less invasive than a c-section 

But times have changed, and you can’t take a birth course at most hospitals anymore (not that we’d recommend that anyway...they’re not in-depth enough and don’t focus on YOU as the author of your birth story — they focus on increasing the hospital’s bottom line)

So you’ve got two choices:

1. You can google random thoughts that pop into your head at 2AM and *hope* that what you find is medically sound


2. You can enroll in an online birth course developed by two labor nurses with 17 years of combined experience that’s so thorough your insurance company will likely reimburse you for the price of the course


This labor course was so helpful!

There were decisions to be made that I didn’t even know existed but because my husband and I were educated, we were able to turn down interventions that we didn’t want and accept the ones we needed for our baby’s safety.

~ Courtney B

Thank you Heather and Trish for the very practical information and strong focus on mindset.

I believe it had every influence on my birth and I will recommend your course to my friends and family. 


~ Stephanie M

I feel so incredibly blessed to have been able to have my birth plan work out exactly how I wanted and hoped for.

For the next 24 hours I kept reliving my birth experience and just couldn’t believe what I was capable of. Yes...it was the most painful and intense moment of my life but also the most rewarding and the most proud I have ever been of myself.

Our bodies are truly incredible! I know that this birth course helped me to let go of my fears and to cope through every single stage of my labor! It was truly beautiful! 


~ Rachel K.

Loving Your Labor gives you everything you need to put ALL of your labor fears to rest


With a pair of labor and delivery nurses + an entire community by your side in the delivery room, you’ll have the confidence to make choices and choose your birth story...rather than have it written for you.

Once you’re in, you get:

13 gorgeous modules, ready to be binge-watched multiple times or enjoyed in small snippets if you’re prone to overwhelm. 



In the first module, we'll explain how to join the Facebook community and get the most out of the course.

Choosing your care

Here you'll learn how to set yourself up for success and select the location for your birth that is right for you.

Circle of care

This module teaches you everything you need to know about choosing the *right* providers and creating a team that's in your corner. 

Understanding labor & birth

Here we teach you how to tell if it's "time" or just a false labor cue. We'll go in-depth, showing you the anatomy and physiology - so you *really* understand what your body is capable of.

Labor & delivery

In the next several modules, we'll start to dig into the specifics of the labor and delivery process, from check-in through the stages of labor

Factors that affect labor

Here we start digging into mindset and helping you understand just how much your thoughts affect your labor, so you can keep that cool, calm, confidence throughout the whole process.  

During labor

Do you know your medical rights? Do you know how to create a birth plan? We'll make sure you have all the training you need to be the boss of the labor room.

The pain of labor

Is it going to hurt? What is it going to feel like? We'll give you the honest to goodness truth so you can put your fears to rest. Bonus: Trish has given birth 6 times, and Heather twice - we've coached thousands of women through this and we know you can do it too!

Pain management 

Here's where we'll walk you through your options so you can make informed choices about medications.

Medical interventions

Should you be induced? What are the risks of a c-section? What if you want to do this naturally? Here's the thing - if you aren't sure about medical interventions *before* you go into labor - you will have them thrust upon you and have decisions made FOR you that you might regret...here's your chance to get informed before it's too late.

Warning signs

Yep, sometimes there are complications that crop up no matter how well you prepare. But we are here to teach you the warning signs so you can sound the alert the second you think something's wrong.

ALL of this education PLUS

Membership in our private Facebook Group where Heather and Trish hang out. You can ask us anything, share your struggles, and feel the support of hundreds of other mamas wrapping you in a huge virtual hug. You’ll never feel alone in this process.

Lifetime Access to all of the modules proven to empower and excite you about your pregnancy and labor — so you can revisit the info as many times as you like, even for your next pregnancy.



The difference between a birth story you write and one that’s out of your hands is education.

During our years in the delivery room, We’ve seen first hand the difference between a mama who’s done her homework and one that’s just winging it.

And the ones that prepare? They’re the ones who exude confidence. 

They’re the ones who walk out of the hospital smiling and triumphant…

Rather than a little defeated and more than a little groggy from pain meds…

When you haven’t spent thousands of hours in a delivery room, it can be tough to imagine the torture on a mama’s face as she’s being pressured into interventions or wheeled into the operating room for a c-section…

It can be even harder to understand the regret-tinged DMs we get on Instagram from mamas who didn’t take a birth course and won’t have the chance for a do-over…

Which is why the time is now to start writing your baby’s birth story.

Plus — we have a 30-day, no-questions-asked guarantee.

  • We can tell you that Loving Your Labor is the most comprehensive and mama-empowering birth course available.
  • We can explain that your purchase includes instructions for submitting the receipt to your insurance company for reimbursement, so it’s basically free
  • We can even tell you the stories from the hundreds of mamas who have used our course to confidently bring their babies into the world.

But you won’t know until you experience the magic for yourself.

So, if you try out the program and it’s not every bit the confidence-boosting, empowering educational experience you hoped for...you can shoot us an email and we’ll send you a refund. Easy peasy.

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you'll learn everything you need to know to navigate your birth successfully, that we are offering a 14-day money-back guarantee — no questions asked.

You'll have two weeks to review the course and if you don't think it's the most comprehensive & educational resource on childbirth ever created we will happily refund your money. 

Don’t just hope for a smooth delivery, plan for it.

Start writing your birth story, right this minute

Both plans give you lifetime access, all the bonuses mentioned above, the 30-day guarantee, and instructions to submit the receipt to your insurance company for reimbursement.

(But hurry....Enrollment closes on 2/16)

3 Monthly 

Installments of



**Most Flexible**




A One-Time Payment of



**Save 10%**











Loving Your Labor is perfect for you, even if

  • Your due date is soon
  • You’ve given birth before 
  • You’re having a home birth
  • You don’t know what an intervention is
  • You’re already scheduled for a c-section
  • Your partner can’t make it to a birth class
  • You have a doctor, doula or midwife you love
  • You don’t have a ton of time to go to a birth class
  • You’re scared of giving birth, the hospital, or needles
  • You haven’t decided if you want to try a ‘natural’ childbirth

Loving Your Labor is a complete birth course, which means you’ll leave for the hospital armed with knowledge and ready

This is one of the most important days of your life and it's too big to leave to chance.

There are no do-overs when it comes to birth.

Going into the process as informed as you possibly can be means you’ll:

  • Know when to say yes and when to say no to interventions
  • Have a host of pain management techniques at the ready
  • Understand your rights and confidently assert yourself
  • Be more likely to deliver vaginally (if that's what you want)
  • Feel excited and hopeful about your labor 
  • Be prepared for postpartum recovery and taking care of a newborn

Take what Trish & Heather have to say in the course to heart!

I cannot think of one thing I was surprised about/contradicted the course material!

I can’t thank you two enough. 


~ Allison W

This group, board, and guidance have been absolutely invaluable. 

I was extremely comfortable asking questions, making decisions and even though nothing went according to my "plan", I couldn't be any happier with the way everything went!!!  

~ Stacy A

Because of the education I received from Heather Knezic and Trish Ware, I knew to weigh the risks and benefits and make an informed decision based on my current situation.

Even though things went a little differently than I expected, I felt very empowered and I’m proud of my birth story.

~ Cassidy L

Frequently Asked Questions

When you join us in Loving Your Labor, you'll get:

  • The 13-module Course & Access to our Private FB Group - a $997 value
  • BONUS: Postpartum Recovery $97 Value 
  • BONUS: Partner Support 101: Creating the Support System You Need - $97 Value 
  • BONUS: All About Baby - $97 Value

Total Value: $1288 

When you add it all up, that’s a lot of knowledge (AKA POWER)!

Whether you pay in full, or choose to pay in installments, you'll get immediate access to the full Loving Your Labor 13-module course, the private Facebook Group, the bonuses, directions for submitting the receipt to your insurance carrier, and the 30-day money-back guarantee. 

**And don't forget, most insurance companies will reimburse you for the full cost of the program** 

When you enroll today, you’ll get immediate access to everything for just:


3 Monthly 

Installments of



**Most Flexible**




A One-Time Payment of



**Save 10%**